Cross-border: deadline for submitting the withholding tax adjustment

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    Cross-border commuters in the canton of Geneva can take a breather: a deadline has been granted for the submission of the request for rectification of the 2019 withholding tax.

    In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic repercussions, the Council of State has validated a series of measures allowing, among other things, an extension of the deadline for filing the application for the rectification of the 2019 withholding tax 2019.

    The main measures for 2020 summarised in 5 points 

    • The deadline for submitting your withholding tax adjustment request of 31 March 2020 is exceptionally extended to 31 May 2020
    • The filing deadline of 31 March 2020 for ordinary rate taxpayers filing a return is exceptionally extended to 31 May 2020
    • The filing deadline of 30 April 2020 for legal entities is exceptionally extended to 31 May 2020 
    • Abolition of default interest on 2019 tax bills and 2020 instalment payments
    • The possibility of adjusting the amount of one's 2020 instalments without formality

    Romain Clapier

    Je suis le fondateur du cabinet fiscal Allo-Déclaration Suisse, un service de conseil fiscal qui se veut accessible à tous. Expert-comptable diplômé suisse de formation, je maîtrise parfaitement la fiscalité suisse et française des particuliers et notamment celle des frontaliers genevois et vaudois.

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