How to reclaim your withholding tax paid in 2020

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    Did you pay withholding tax in the canton of Geneva in 2020, even for a few months?

    Is your spouse employed in another canton, is he or she self-employed, or is he or she a civil servant?

    If you answer "Yes" to at least one of these questions, then I urge you to read on and perhaps reclaim some of the withholding tax paid in 2020.

    The withholding tax adjustment and the quasi-resident declaration

    In the canton of Geneva, there are at least two tax arrangements that can be particularly interesting for people subject to withholding tax:

    1. The rectification d’impôt source, qui permet de modifier votre barème de taxation pour, en principe, bénéficier d’un barème plus juste car plus en accord avec votre situation réelle.
    2. The quasi-resident tax return, qui permet de déduire de votre impôt un nombre important de frais (intérêts d’emprunt, travaux de rénovation, primes d’assurance maladie, frais médicaux, pensions alimentaires etc.)

    By implementing one or both of these procedures, Allo-Declaration Suisse's tax experts calculate the real tax amount corresponding to your actual situation, which allows the cantonal tax authorities to reimburse you the amount of withholding tax that you have overpaid.

    How can I benefit from these tax measures?

    Confiez votre déclaration d’impôts à un spécialiste ! Seuls des professionnels connaissant parfaitement la fiscalité genevoise vous permettront :

    • recover withholding tax maximum depending on your personal situation
    • comply with your reporting obligations andavoid errors
    • obtain a provisional tax budget to the nearest franc thanks to our own tax calculator

    How do I know if I can benefit?

    Si vous n’êtes pas certain(e) de savoir ce qui est le plus intéressant pour vous ni quel dispositif est adapté à votre situation, rien de plus simple : contactez notre équipe et nous évaluerons en quelques questions ce que nous devons mettre en place pour vous.

    Pour en savoir plus, suivez notre webinar sur la récupération de l’impôt à la source :

    How to contact us and make an appointment?

    Make an appointment with one of our tax specialists by indicating your preferred time slots from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm:

    • through our contact form
    • by chat directly on our website from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm
    • by phone on 022 731 00 03

    Important: our interviews can take place in person at our offices in Geneva or by videoconference. The number of places is limited.

    In which cases can quasi-resident status be advantageous?

    Since the cap on travel expenses of CHF 500 as of 1 January 2017, we remind you that quasi-resident status can be advantageous in the following situations (list not exhaustive):

    1. taxpayers with home loans and still high loan interest/death insurance in 2020
    2. taxpayers who have carried out renovation work on their properties located in France or in other foreign countries
    3. taxpayers with dual residence for work purposes
    4. taxpayers who have paid maintenance to needy family members
    5. taxpayers with significant medical expenses or health insurance contributions or disability costs
    6. taxpayers with a high social security tax rate (>15%)

    The payment of substantial interest on private consumer loans, the payment of contributions to a life insurance policy in Switzerland (3rd pillar B) or abroad, the payment of substantial donations to Swiss associations or the payment of contributions to a Swiss political party may also make the status of quasi-resident interesting if they are added to one of the 6 points mentioned above.

    How much does it cost?

    The 2020 tariffs for new customers are as follows:

    • Assessment of quasi-resident status: CHF 95.-
    • Geneva withholding tax adjustment: CHF 130.-
    • Declaration of quasi-resident of Geneva, single: CHF 250.-
    • Declaration of quasi-resident of Geneva, married couple: CHF 300.-
    • Declaration of quasi-resident of Geneva, cohabiting couple: CHF 400.-

    For more details on the content of the services, we suggest you take a closer look at our pages Rectification de l’impôt à la source and Quasi-resident tax return.

    What is the deadline for the tax adjustment and the quasi-resident declaration?

    The documents must reach the Geneva tax authorities before 31 March 2021Geneva tax administration before March 31, 2021

    Romain Clapier

    Je suis le fondateur du cabinet fiscal Allo-Déclaration Suisse, un service de conseil fiscal qui se veut accessible à tous. Expert-comptable diplômé suisse de formation, je maîtrise parfaitement la fiscalité suisse et française des particuliers et notamment celle des frontaliers genevois et vaudois.

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