Save on your EUR CHF exchange with b-sharpe

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    You may think you are getting the best exchange rate. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the case, as the exchange margins of banks and exchange offices are so high.

    Save on your exchange fees

    Judge for yourself: for the exchange of CHF 5'000.- in EUR, the saving with the currency exchange specialist b-sharpe is just under EUR 590.- over one year compared to a traditional bank.

    Swiss currency exchange fintech acclaimed by the national press, b-sharpe is without monthly subscriptionwithout registration fee or monetary commitment.

    Coupon code b-sharpe

    As a partner of Allo-Déclaration Suisse, b-sharpe offers you free unit fees for your first foreign exchange transaction with the b-sharpe promo code ALD-FREE.

    Test b-Sharpe now, registration is free

    PS: Want to know more about b-Sharpe? Have a look at the article by PME Magazine dedicated to b-sharpe


    Romain Clapier

    I am the founder ofAllo-Déclaration Suisse, a tax return service available to all. I am a Swiss certified accountant. I know perfectly well the Swiss and French problems linked to the taxation of individuals and in particular those of cross-border workers. I have also developed a service that enables me to check the accuracy of CMU (CNTFS) contributions paid by cross-border commuters.

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