Save taxes with quasi-resident status

Cross-border workers and holders of a B permit from the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, check with our specialists whether you qualify for quasi-resident status and optimise your taxes thanks to a large number of deductions

Guillaume Chiltz
Head of the Quasi-Resident Unit

We accurately calculate your eligibility for quasi-resident status in the canton of Geneva

We optimise your tax return so that you can benefit from the best tax conditions

We compare your tax situation with and without eligibility for quasi-resident status to ensure the best option

What is quasi-resident status?

  • Taxpayers taxed at source ( cross-border workers and B permit holders) can, since the decision of the Federal Court of 26 January 2010, request the inclusion of effective expenses in the calculation of their taxes provided that 90% of the household income comes from Switzerland.
  • Since 1 January 2017, following a ruling of the Swiss Constitutional Chamber of the Court of Justice, the amount of deductions related to quasi-resident status has been reduced. The cantonal limit on the deduction of travel expenses is now set at CHF 500.
  • Despite this limitation, the quasi-resident status remains potentially interesting for the taxpayers concerned. But beware, it must be checked every year.
  • Having quasi-resident status does not mean that it is more attractive for the persons concerned. Again, it is essential to have a professional check.

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For whom is quasi-resident status interesting?


For taxpayers who have taken out home loans and have high loan interest/death benefits


For taxpayers who have carried out major renovation work on their properties located in France or in other countries


For taxpayers with significant medical expenses and/or health insurance premiums and/or disability costs

But also for taxpayers who have made :

  • Payment of contributions to a life insurance policy in Switzerland (3rd pillar B) or abroad
  • A maintenance payment to an adult child who is a student or to a person in your family who is in need
  • A donation to Swiss associations
  • A payment of contributions to a Swiss political party
  • ...

Quasi-resident status: content of the service

The tax return package includes the following services:

Tax interview in our offices, by video or telephone

Preparation of the tax return on the basis of the documents provided

Obtaining a deadline from the competent tax authorities to file the declaration

An accurate estimate of your tax liability

Election of domicile for the receipt of all tax correspondence

Establishment of tax claims, with the client's agreement;

Monitoring of the tax situation and suggestions for reducing the tax burden or tax risks;

Response to requests for information from tax authorities ;

Delivery of a copy of the double-sided tax return for your personal file and delivery of the original documents

Verification of tax slips within the legal deadline for filing a claim

A personalised tax questionnaire is sent to you at the beginning of January to help you prepare the tax documents we need

Rates for the quasi-resident tax return service

All prices are in CHF and include VAT

Simple declaration

Single declaration
Declaration married couple
Declaration concubine

Additional services

Tax interview for information or optimisation
Complaint about a tax notice*

* 10% of the tax refunded but at least CHF 120.-

Assessment of quasi-resident status

How the tax return service works for the quasi-resident declaration

How to prepare your tax return

fonctionnement Allo-Déclaration Suisse

Gather the documents in the ad hoc checklist
Make an appointment


60-minute tax interview


Delivery of the tax return package online and payment on the spot

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