Make a tax adjustment at source and benefit from deductions

Cross-border workers and B permit holders, our experts take care of your Geneva source tax rectification and allow you to recover part of it

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Rectification de l'impôt à la source

You benefit from the best optimisations in terms of tax deductions

You have the assurance that the rectification request will be carried out on time

We providethe tax authorities with all the necessary information and documents

Why make a withholding tax adjustment?

  • By being taxed at source, the cantonal tax administration applies to cross-border workers and holders of a B permit a scale that only partially takes into account the real situation of the taxpayer;
  • Apart from a few rare cases, the situation of the person who is taxed at source does not correspond to the withholding tax factors, which implies that most withholding taxpayers pay too much tax;
  • Certain expenses can also be deducted;
  • As a result, making a tax adjustment makes it possible to readjust the tax actually due and the tax paid at source;

Do you want to reclaim some of your source tax?

Contact us, leave us your details and we will get back to you!

The request for a source tax adjustment in detail

The source tax adjustment package includes the following services:

Tax interview in our offices, by video or telephone

An accurate estimate of the tax refund to be received or the additional tax to be paid from the source tax office

Submission of the original withholding tax adjustment form by hand to the withholding tax department with acknowledgement of receipt (FTA stamp)

A copy of the Geneva source tax adjustment for your file

Processing of any enquiries received from the source tax department

Verification of the source tax slip within 30 days of receipt

A personalised questionnaire that we send you at the beginning of the year to help you prepare the documents for your source tax adjustment for the following year

Rates for the source tax rectification service

All prices are in CHF and include VAT

Source tax adjustment

Declaration single / married (Geneva)
Single / married declaration (other cantons)

Additional services

Review of the source tax adjustment
Online adjustment of the collection scale C
Tax interview for information or optimisation
Complaint about a tax notice*

* 10% of the tax refunded


How the source tax adjustment service works

How to prepare your withholding tax adjustment

fonctionnement Allo-Déclaration Suisse

Gather the documents in the ad hoc checklist
Make an appointment


30-minute tax interview


Source tax rectification delivered by hand or via e-demarche to the source tax department, payment on the spot


If you still have questions about the source tax adjustment request, you will find some answers here. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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